Kat D Storms Out-of An Interview Over Brian Show

(Watch the clip here .) “Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning,” Kat tweeted a short time later. “Lack of compassion n respect for eachother never fails to dissapoint me. … It’s the nature of this very ugly beast.” Speaking of ugly things, Radar Online claims James and Von D had… Read More »

Where Am I Able To Find This Kitchen Basket? — Good Questions

What Is cooking? Squash flowers? Eggplant? Or have you ever managed to move on to drop? If you are of earning your home a Kitchn Treatment Weekend Soldier, then just one single more weekend togo inside your task fantabulous. http://www.thekitchn.com/whats-cooking-this-weekend-weekend-of-september-67-2014-207915 What’s Preparing This Weekend? — Weekend of September 6-7, 2014 Sadly we both reside in… Read More »

White House Sites Compromised

authorities were alerted to it by an unnamed friend. http://time.com/3545542/white-house-hackers-breached/ Obama Rallies Wisconsin Democrats for Mary Burke Estimate Who Will Gain the Senate in 2014 Neglect Nate Gold: anyone can be a political handicapper. We’ve provided each durability and obligations, and left-out party connection to make you consider tougher about applicants that were specific. Therefore… Read More »

Week In Tech: Bent Displays, Reversible Flash

LG has declared a curved LCD monitor. Particularly, we’re talking 34-ins of curved IPS screen within the tremendous-vast 21:9 form factor that had me gushing as a fool the week that is other. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/08/21/week-in-tech-curved-monitors/ One Pixel’s Perfect: Adventures Of Pip upon Kickstarter for $40,000 (call it £24,100ish), it’s a couple of pixel named Pip that’s… Read More »

Giudice Fails Her Stop On 15- Prison Sentence

That’s all I ask.’” The reality TV stars were charged with several counts of loan and bankruptcy fraud last year. They pleaded guilty this past March. At the couple’s sentencing, the judge had choice words for the parents and advice for raising their daughters. “Your four daughters need to understand discipline. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/teresa-giudice-breaks-silence-15-month-prison-sentence/story?id=25996410 Blake Lively and… Read More »

These Beast S’mores Are Looking At You — Delightful Links

Whether you’re planning something fun for your kids, or you know, yourself, these delightfully spooky treats are too easy not to make for your upcoming Halloween party. And you don’t even need a campfire. You can (and should) get really crazy with these treats. http://www.thekitchn.com/these-diy-monster-smores-are-just-too-cute-delicious-links-208694 Recipe: Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies — Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn… Read More »